Photos And Videos Of The 2006 New Years Day
Boys Ba  won by Doonie Christopher Guthrie
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Susan Arrives At Cathedral
The Throw Up
Duncan Currie Broad Street
Susan Broad Street
In Front Of The Cross
Kirk Green 2
Cathedral Wall
Palace Road
Back Of Mackays
Middle Of Albert Car Park
Markus Guthrie Albert Car Park
Lane At The Pet Shop
Kiln Corner Flats
Susan Kiln Corner
Middle Of Harbour Street
Kiln Corner Roundabout
Christopher Guthrie
Markus And Christopher Guthrie
New Years Day Boys Ba 2006 youtube video
Kirk Green Wall
In The Middle Of Broad Street
In Front Of OTE
Kirk Green Wall
Sailing Club
A Gate In The Albert Car Park
Garry Coltherd Bridge Street Lane
Side Of The Albert Hotel
Kirk Green
Broad Street 10.25
Sailing Club Corner
Christopher Guthrie Corn Slip
Corn Slip
Waters Edge
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